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Have you ever had any of the following diseases or medical problems? Please check yes or no.
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    Stroke     Cancer, what kind?     Asthma, Emphysema, TB
    Emilepsy     Heart Murmur; Mitral Valve Prolapse     Joints Replaced(Hip, Knee..)
    Fever Blisters     Heart Trouble     Rheumatic Fever
    Diabetes     Infectious Hepatitis     High Blood Pressure
    Aids or been Exposed
to the Aids virus
    Allergic to Metals     Migrainess
Are you under a physician's care now? Yes   No
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Is there any other information about your health which should be known? Yes   No
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If Female ; Are you pregnant? Yes   No if yes, how long? Are you taking birth control pills? Yes   No
When was you last dental exam and cleaning?
Do you smoke or use tobacco products? Yes   No
Are you completely happy with the appearance of your teeth? Yes   No
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